Humbled by a Pinterest Pin

Last night, I pinned this little gem onto my “Fun Fitness” Board….

A "fun" way to get your workout on

A “fun” way to get your workout on

First of all, I really named a board “Fun Fitness”.  Secondly, the above was not what I would describe as “fun fitness”!  I only did the routine once, and my heart rate was pumping.  And, I had to stop at the twenty second mark and take a few seconds break for the wall sits and the plank.  Clearly, my lack of a consistent routine has had a serious effect because the above should have been easy-peasy.

With that being said, I’m going to start doing the above before I do my morning yoga routine that I’m beginning for Lent.  (Focus on the good, to get the bad out).  I’ll start with just one “rep” of the routine, and build up to three within the next couple of weeks.

After Pinterest kicked my booty, I decided to take advantage of a semi-fresh snow fall (most of the snow fell yesterday while the mountain was still open).  I got some powderish runs in before 9:30, but by then everything was scraped off and the Denverites had arrived.  After about 11,000 vertical feet, I decided to call it a day, as I was wind burnt and frozen.  Oh, and my hips and thighs were burning thanks to the above “fun” fitness gem.  At least I managed to capture another pin on EpicMix (for 125K vertical feet this season).

Chilly Day on the Hill

Chilly Day on the Hill

We have an “early President’s Day” tomorrow, so I’m glad to be able to clean, organize, cook a baller dinner, and get some grading and planning done, without worrying about a time frame.

Have you tried any kick butt Pinterest workout plans?

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