Lead Legs

Saturday was my long run. Being that this it was the second week of training it was only 6 miles. I.e. pretty short for a long run. HOWEVER, I had to work at 8 that morning, and had friends coming into town for the Breckenridge Beerfest. I knew I had to get my run in early. The last time I worked out early morning was probably the Race the Rockies 10K. The time before that was, well, at least a year. Me and running in the AM don’t mix. (Which is probably why I should actually train in the morning).

HOLY LEAD LEGS! I wrote about my craptacular, but awesome view 4 mile run on Thursday. There was nothing positive about this run. I parked at work, ran a little over 2 miles to the garden plot, watered the garden, and ran back to work. The 2nd half is uphill. Still, no excuse. These are my stats:

You will not, I did not run the full 6 miles.  I guesstimated my distance wrong, and, I was going to be late to work, due to my awesome 11:30MPM or so pace.  But really, my legs were like LEAD! (Hence the title of this post.)  The only good thing is that I actually did my long run.  Seriously, I felt like I ran a half marathon.  I’m not feeling too bad that I didn’t get in the full six miles either because I’ll be running in the EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay this weekend. My leg consists of 21 or so miles in an 18 hour period.  This week I’m going to do my tempo run tomorrow, and probably lift some weights.  I will focus more on cross training, stretching, and foam rolling in order to get some of this gunk out of my body.  Oh yea, and hydrating properly.

Anyways, after my (not-s0) great run, and a busy busy day at work, I headed to the fest with my girles.  I indulged in plenty of buffalo sausage, kielbasa, and beer tastings from about 10 breweries.  All in all, a good time.

At the fest

See, tastings.  Not 10 full beers!

And some pretty flowers:

Modified Plan for the Week:

Monday: Cross Train (20 minutes bike, 10 minutes row, 15 minutes abs, 1 lap of walking lunges on the indoor track)

Tuesday: 35 minute tempo run at 10MPM pace & Yoga

Wednesday: Cross Train & Yoga

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4:30 am- Saturday 6 pm: Alternate running from Canon City, CO to Crested Butte, CO (only 185 miles)

Sunday: Light yoga/REST

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