So Many Activities! (in photos)

The past week has been so busy: hikes, birthdays (mine & Jeremy’s), starting my summer job, kayaking, town party, BBQ challenge, tech conferences, adventure park. Take a look:

Ptarmigan Trail Hike

Lake Dillon

View of the Ten Mile Range from Ptarmigan Trail

Kayaking on Lake Dillon


Peak 8 Adventure Park

Going up the Gold Runner Coaster

View of the coaster while riding up it

Birthday Eve BLIZZARDS!


Frisco BBQ Challenge (and my Birthday!)

Something I love about my community, dedication to having huge events like this being Zero Waste… the compost/recycle/trash tent & volunteer 🙂


Pig races! Kind of weird when you are gorging yourself with BBQ…

Breckenridge Town Party

The day after the BBQ Challenge… Town Party Time!

My Garden!  Finally have some veggies sprouting!

After the copious amount of food I’ve eaten, even though I have ran/hiked 22 miles last week, plus the kayaking and gym sessions, I have still managed to gain 7 pounds since Memorial Day!  2 in the past week alone!  Hopefully this garden will produce a bountiful harvest, but we are definitely on a “cleanse”… no junk food, minimally or no processed food, limited to no alcohol.

Still, LOVING summer.   So many activities!


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