Square Foot Gardening


As I mentioned before, I was able to obtain a garden plot at the Breckenridge Community Gardens.  Plots were finally finished (somewhat), but able to be planted the other day.  I checked out my plot (5 foot by 6 foot) which is part of a 5 foot by 12 foot bed.  This was going to be slightly more challenging than I thought.  Gardening clearly isn’t just throwing seeds into the ground and hoping for the best.  I went home and did some research; the result is square foot gardening.  Basically, you take your plot, and make it into square foot grids.  Different veggies can be grown in varying quantities in each square.

Gridded out

Basically, my tomato, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, and squashes each grow in their own grid.  I have 2 pumpkins growing in another grid.  You can grow up to 16 carrots, pea, and hericot verts in each grid, so I have 3 grids of each.  (Only one hericot vert grid is planted now; I don’t need 20 pounds of green beans coming to harvest all at once!  I also have a grid for leeks (four per grid) as well as 2 each of butter lettuce and salad lettuce, and one red mix. Planting the carrot seeds was definitely a test of patience due to the fact that you need to soak the seeds, and they are only about 2mm long.  Oh yea, and they are super sticky, thus making it very difficult to sow.

The choices are limited at high altitude due to our short and unpredictable growing season (we had snow about 2 weeks ago).  My veggie choices are recommended, and I will admit, I just grabbed packages of seeds at Whole Foods.  I think, next year, I will actually figure out how and what to plant before I purchase mass quantities of seeds.  I envision bounties of fresh, organic vegetables to harvest.  Hopefully, that will happen my first try as a gardener.  For now, all I have is this:

Ready to grow!


I should (hopefully) have seedlings in the next 5 to 14 days (depending on the veg).  Fingers crossed!

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