Springing Back into Winter

Grand Timber Lodge Snow 4.15.12

In typical Colorado, Rocky Mountain fashion, it began DUMPING snow Saturday night, all though out Sunday until the afternoon, and I woke up to yet another 8 or so inches this morning.  Jeremy’s parents arrived from Florida yesterday afternoon, and I snapped this pic out of their condo balcony when we got back from dinner, around 7:00.  There are mountains behind all that falling snow.

THIS was what I was enjoying Friday night in Denver:

Rockies game; 65 degrees and sunny all day, but the weather is coming in

THIS is what I was enjoying Sunday morning:

Last Day = Pow Day

I find it highly ironic, and an evil trick by Ullr (the Norse god of snow); that, literally, the most snow we’ve received in a 48 hour period (around 16 inches) happened on the LAST DAY of the ski season at Breckenridge (and most resorts in Colorado).   Though the powder hounds were out in full force, it wasn’t too hard to forget that, despite our gracing of nearly a foot of snow, that was pretty much all we had on the ground.  There were still dirt patches and slush puddles shining their way through the semi-powder filled runs.  Still, shredding the freshies was still a good way to end the season.

A photo montage from my walk with the dog this morning:

Loving the powder!

A snowy, windy road

Furio "waist deep"


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