Happy Easter!

In the spirit of techi-colored Easter eggs, I’ll be posting in awesomely bright colors that hopefully don’t annoy you enough to never want to return to the blog!

Unfortunately, Abi and my eggs didn’t even contain that much goods, but the pic didn’t save on my iPhone, so you get a “fake” picture!

Not really our candy, this candy in the eggs is WAY better than what we found

Today was pretty great, active, adult Easter Sunday.  My friend Abi and I went to the Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Easter Egg Hunt.  They “hide” 10,000 eggs on ski runs, over 100 of which have more than just candy (i.e. cash, season passes, GoPro, ski vouchers, etc.).  Well, Abi and I didn’t get onto the mountain until about 9:30, and, thinking, “Hey!  It’s super warm, very few (compared to when we actually have snow) people in town, there’s over 10,000 eggs, no big deal if we are running a little late.  Notsomuch.  All the eggs on the runs were already taken, we only found smashed, skied over, or dropped from a ski lift, empties.  When we dropped by the Ski School Kids Castle to get our shoes (love getting to stash gear on property for free!) we found 4 eggs… one was totally empty (LAME) but three had candies in them: Tootsie Rolls, Gum Coins, and Oh Henry! and Sprees.  Five eggs, four with the goods… pretty pathetic in terms of how I used to clean up as a kid, but overall, not so bad.  At least we got some candy!

After two runs and some intense egg-hunting, we were ready for grub.  Off to the Blue River Bistro for Sunday Brunch. 

Eggs Benedict & Steak and Eggs

Eggs Benedict with the best Hollandaise I have ever had, and Steak & Eggs (which Abi had never had), with fresh fruit, and home fries.  I thoroughly enjoyed this Benedict because it wasn’t plain old Canadian Bacon, but a spicy Italian ham, and also had a Roma tomato underneath.  A brunch requirement is at least two strips of bacon, oh yea, and either a spicy Bloody Mary or a mimosa. 

After a delicious and super filling brunch, it was home for the mundane task of finishing grading and entering aforementioned grades on some tests (since I go back to work tomorrow), a nice long walk with the dog (who then chased a cat, broke his collar, and rolled through poop… )

Luckily, Jeremy came home RIGHT in time to bathe the dog, and I could get started on prepping Easter dinner. 

Challah Rising & Paprikash Boiling

Time to let get on baking chocolate chip cookies or some other decadently delicious chocolate based dessert!

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