Healthy Wagon… Me… Off

Today, Spring Break is officially over.  I actually don’t go back to work until Monday, and I don’t even have students, as we are unpacking our belongings into our NEW classrooms in our NEW school!  However, because I always have Friday through Sunday off, today is a “regularly scheduled day off” and thus, not really a vacation day.

Last Saturday morning, I tried to post (3 times!) about trying to find motivation and the excuses (I think around 14) for not sticking to my kick ass running plan, fitness plan, healthy eating plan, etc.  However, WordPress kept deleting the actual content of the post. I also had intentions to post a “Healthy Spring Break To-Do List”.  Which I didn’t, and my “Healthy To-Dos” quickly became my “Healthy To-Do Nots”

Some “Healthy Do Nots” of the past week:

  1. Have a “beach day” at A-Basin Ski Resort last Saturday which entailed some skiing, but mostly eating lot of brats, burgers, & chips, and drinking beers
  2. Continue the eating/drinking with about $300 worth of Sushi, Purple Haze Sake, and large Sapporo beers with Jeremy and our two friends Cynthia and Jason (it was Cynthia’s birthday)
  3. Continue drinking and eating back at C & J’s condo
  4. Sleep until 11:30 Sunday, work at the restaurant, make over a bill
  5. “Happy Hour” with friends into the night
  6. Day Drink with friends on Monday into the night, filled with lots of unhealthy eating (hot tots, huevos rancheros, Philly Cheese Steaks)
  7. “Recover” on Tuesday (really, wasn’t feeling the after effects of a LOT of drinking, but was especially enthralled in a Law & Order SVU marathon)… but I mean, really?  Who DOESN’T want to watch Law & Order SVU for 6 hours straight?
  8. Eat TONS of filling, unhealthy food (A full Jersey Boys Deli Sloppy Joe & 1/2 an American cutlet sandwich, basket of salty fries, full-fat chocolate milk, 10 boneless buffalo wings, 2 pieces of pizza, and 1/2 pint of Fleur de Sal ice cream) on Thursday… but its, all good, because I DID have a salad…
  9. Work at the restaurant WAY more than I planned, to make more money than I expected, to spend more money than I had planned on

I will say, this is one the first Spring Break where I haven’t actually had a ton of “To-Dos” or massive amounts of grading (only about 2 hours worth!) nor was I dreading returning to work (it could be the excitement of teaching in a new school, or the fact that I don’t despise my job in the least and really enjoy my school) and I was really, really enjoying catching up and hanging out with friends (old & new), eating delicious yet caloricaly and nutritionally bad foods, sampling lots of new, yummy beers, watching movies I’ve been meaning to (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Real Steel ) , and being plain ol’ lazy.  I decided to get over the guilty feeling and just enjoy relaxing.  But not to worry (because I know you are), I wasn’t completely worthless this break.  The next post will entail some of my healthy endeavors and actual accomplishments on my awesome vacation.

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