45:27… Race Analysis


Today was the Runnin’ of the Green ; the Irish themed 7K (4.35 miles) that motivated me to actually start sticking to a regular running plan again.   I was skeptical about how I’d do, since I have still only been doing run/walk intervals, and I didn’t fare as well as I hoped.  I wanted to run at least as well as I did last year (42:57.. a 9:53MPM pace), but finished in 45:27, a 10:26 MPM pace.  Though it really is only two and half minutes difference, I was really hoping to do better.  I have already run the course, I knew where the hills were, I FELT as if I was running better than last year, but alas, I was obviously slower.

Even though I am, admittedly, disappointed, I can’t really beat myself up too much.  I’ve only been “running” again for about 3 weeks.  And by “running”, I run for 2 1/2 minutes and walk for 1 or 2.  Clearly training at nearly a mile higher in elevation that Denver is, as well as training to run at a much faster pace, still isn’t enough.  Despite my (mild) disappointment, I am intensely more motivated to train and get at it.  I’m looking at a race in April, before the BolderBoulder in May.  Suggestions??

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