No More Liquor for Lent

At the great risk of sounding like a booze hound, I’m giving up liquor for lent.  I’m trying to live a much more healthy, wholesome lifestyle, and well, when shots, martinis or margs come into play, any good intentions go right out the window.  So, even though I don’t get hangovers, or go out all that much, I have decided to actually give up something for Lent, and it is liquor.  The true motive is, however, to continue to purify.  It’s way too easy to come home after a long day teaching the kiddos and relax with a glass of wine, some prosciutto, and bread.  And, as we know all too well, one glass of wine when one is already sleepy or stressed, means zero motivation, especially not to go to the gym or do much of anything productive.

In addition to my no liquor rule, if I do choose to have some beer or wine, I must work out first.  Generally, after I run or do Body Pump, I have very little desire to drink or eat anything unhealthy.  I instilled a “no wine without workout” rule back in October, and it last through until the holidays.  It’s amazing how much motivated I was to work out.

Lastly, both Jeremy and I have been making a concentrated effort to eat very minimally processed food.  Essentially, the amount of $hit that is put into most any packaged food (and by packaged I mean “healthy” whole wheat bread, pasta sauce, etc.) is just unnecessary. I want to try and rid myself of any unneeded added sugar or sodium.  The only thing I’m not giving up in the sugar category is my agave in my tea or my flavored creamer in my coffee.

Ideally, rather than viewing Lent as an “I must not do X”, I want to view it as taking out one vice that I occasionally imbibe in, with the intent that it snowballs into adding healthy options into my life.

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